MAC’s BBQ Rub©

MAC’s BBQ Rub© is a blend of sugars, salts, herbs and spices designed to cook on and into the meat. Sometimes called a “dry rub”, MAC’s BBQ Rub is best when rubbed on the meat well before it hits the grill, fry pan or oven. The spices in the rub will soak into the food. We often moisten the meats and veggies with oil before we slather on the rub. Leave the food - wrapped in plastic or in bags - in the fridge for hours or overnight.

MAC’s BBQ Rub as a marinade. Use MAC’s BBQ Rub in a liquid like cider vinegar or apple juice (half bottle to 2 cups liquid). Wonderful! We inject turkeys with the MAC’s BBQ Rub in oil when roasting or deep frying the critters.

MAC’s BBQ Rub is packed in large 7 1/2 oz. plastic, sealed bottles with a shaker top. Three (3) Packs, Six (6) Packs and Twelve (12) Packs are offered.

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